March 10, 2022

Variety: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg on ‘Diabolical’s’ adorably gory Looney Tunes tribute and working with Snipple Animation

Laser Baby’s Day Out” is the premiere episode of “Diabolical,” a series of 12-14 minute episodes born from collaboration between Goldberg, Rogen, “The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke and “Diabolical” showrunner Simon Racioppa, as well as writers like Andy Samberg, Justin Roiland, Garth Ennis (the writer of the original “The Boys” comics), Awkwafina (yes, Rogen did the voice of the drug dealer in her episode) and many others.

Every episode is penned by a different writer or writers and features a different animation style, with “classic American animated shorts” being the described aesthetic for Rogen and Goldberg’s “Laser Baby” installment.

To help them really make “Laser Baby’s Day Out” look and feel like a classic cartoon, the “Diabolical” producers brought in directors Crystal Chesney-Thompson and Derek Thompson, who actually have a Looney Tunes background… The animation studio for the episode is Snipple Animation Studios, a company that, you guessed it, worked on Looney Tunes cartoons and “Animaniacs.” So, as Rogen put it, “the exact same people who do the thing we were kind of satirizing.”