The Singalings

26×5′ / 26×2′


Three inquisitive and eager Extra-terrestrials, MELODY, HARMONY and BOP are here to discover all they can about Earth!

Our excitable little Singalings can’t help but sing-a-long as they explore Earth and all it has to offer! A sing-a-long visit to the zoo, the beach, a funfair and even a ride on the bus – the Singalings love to investigate!

With a bold and eye-catching style, simple and hilarious animation and songs that we defy you not to be singing for days after hearing just once, The Singalings entertains as well as teaching simple little factoids and with our fun trio of musical Alien superstars, kids and parents alike won’t be able to resist listening to just one more song…

The Woohoos


A gentle, character driven comedy series for pre-schoolers that will delight and entertain your very own little Woohoos!

Join Wynona the puffin, Iggy the wolfhound, Scotty the highland bull and Ellie the hare as they wonder at the natural world all around them on Wise Island.

Each episode brings an exciting “Ooo” moment, a new discovery that needs explaining, and when they find the answer what do they say? “WOOHOO!“

You’ll be “Ooo-ing” and “Woohoo-ing” too, watching our best friends pack their day with adventure, imagination and making each other laugh as they all explore Wise Island.

Paco and Pearl’s Pirate League Adventures


Weigh anchor and lace up your soccer boots, a new kid’s series is about to set sail to a screen near you. Follow the exciting adventures and on-field heroics of the YO-HO Juniors! A young team of soccer loving pirates with two superstar players in the making… Paco and Pearl!

Alongside a diverse bunch of aspirational shipmates, these best friends roam the high seas on their one of a kind transforming ship – The Golden Boot, in search of fun, adventure, and a game of soccer against some of the strangest pirate crews ever to set sail!

Paco, Pearl and their team mates learn how to win and lose, but most of all have fun, as they sail the seven seas on more PIRATE LEAGUE ADVENTURES!

Peeled Prawn & Shaved Sheep


Nori Maki Towers, Midtown. 8 floors of grey standing unnoticed in the delightful heart of Thousand Island City.

But behind its faded façade, this unassuming building is actually the secret home to the evil-ist, under world-eist, criminal master mind-iest bunch of villains that you could possibly imagine!

And a prawn and a sheep, who are not…

Oh no, this lowly janitor and his slightly strange roomate are in fact the crime fighting, day saving, disaster averting superhero duo known as…


Sharing a building, riding the elevator, stealing each others washing powder! Supervillains and superheroes side-by-side and each one completely and utterly oblivious to each other’s secret identities!



In Cosy Cove, a small village at the side of a beautiful lake, lives a little girl and her giant dog. In a world of limitless imagination and endless possibilities where they can chase falling stars, meet the king of the crabs, fly on the back of a giant eagle and help their animal friends escape from the big bad wolf.

Charming and full of warmth, our adventurous little Snö and her constant companion Nanuk the dog love to explore the enchanting world around them and now you can too…

Hannah Savannah


From soggy Scotland to sunny Southern Africa and the spectacular Kalahari Desert…

Hannah’s horizon (and her family) just got extended! Join us as our little Scottish lass experiences the wonder of the Savannah for the first time and joins her new family at the friendliest sanctuary in South Africa!

Emotional learning with engaging, character driven storylines and a relatable, aspirational protagonist, Hannah Savannah is full of friendship, family, adventure and animals…

Lots and lots of animals!

Hot Cross Chums


Physical humour, frenetic animation and a cast of loveable losers, Hot Cross Chums tells the tropical adventures of Shirley the polar bear and Zeb the penguin<. Far away from their polar opposite homes these new best buds are stuck with each other, trying to survive on a strange island, with strange neighbours in an altogether super strange situation!

Luckily, our two polar pals still have an iceberg, an island full of fruit, Zeb’s drive and ambition and Shirley’’s supreme slushie skills! Together they open “The Slushie Shack“, the coolest joint on the island! This new magic cold stuff is like nothing the islanders have seen before and as quick as a slushie brain freeze… Zeb and Shirley are part of the gang who now have somewhere chilled to hang out!

Hilarious, fast paced comedy, irreverent and old school with whip smart scripts and dumb as a rock characters, this silly-sit-com is “Bert and Ernie“ mixed with “Ren and Stimpy“ and a smidge of “Lord of the Flies“ but with way more squash and stretch and countless coconut concussions!