September 28, 2023

Milkshake! Commissions ‘The Woohoos!’ from Snipple Originals

London-based Snipple Originals, the original content arm of global prodco Snipple Animation, has announced a brand new 2D animated comedy show set to premiere on U.K. screens: The Woohoos! The 52 x 7′ series is an upbeat preschool comedy, showcasing nature that children recognize and celebrating the joy of discovering the outside world.

The show has been commissioned by Milkshake! — the daily preschool block on Channel 5 (U.K.) — where it will debut in 2025. Jetpack Distribution has taken the international distribution rights outside of the U.K.

About the series: The gentle, warm and character-driven series aims to delight and entertain young children. Each episode brings an exciting “Ooo” moment, a new discovery that needs explaining, and then when the characters find the answer they say “Woohoo.”

Kids can “Ooo” and “Woohoo” while watching their new friends pack their day full of adventure, making each other laugh as they all explore the Woohoos homeland of Wise Island together. The little Woohoos discover dancing bees, things that float and things that don’t and how you find your way, even without a map.

The Woohoo! is directed by Kitty Taylor, executive produced by Snipple Originals Director, Karina Stanford-Smith, and produced at Snipple Animation’s studio.

“Through this series, we realize the magic of — first and foremost — making preschoolers giggle,” says Stanford-Smith. “It’s pure, heartfelt entertainment with nuggets of soft learning. A beautiful series about discovery, imagination, laughter and of course friendship. We are taking viewers on a journey with our little characters to reach the ‘Woohoo’ moments together.”

Louise Bucknole, General Manager, Kids and Family, U.K. & Ireland, Paramount, comments, “We know that kids love to explore nature and the outdoors and we want Milkshake! shows to reflect and inspire them in that journey in a fun and accessible way — The Woohoos! perfectly encapsulates this. Those ‘Ooo’ moments are a nod to the rollercoaster of amazing discovery and learning that preschool kids constantly navigate — that moment of realization when the penny drops! We can’t wait to see this brilliant show brought to life on Milkshake! with the curious and loveable Woohoos!”

“At MIPCOM this Autumn, we are looking forward to presenting this show to international buyers,” says Gillian Calvert Ridge, Jetpack Distribution’s Global Distribution Director – Acquisitions and Development. “With the universal themes of comedy, discovery and friendship and the interactive moments to ‘Woohoo’ along to, it’s perfect for screens around the world.”

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