Snipple Animation Studios is a company based in the UK with its 3D and 2D studio in the Philippines. We create 3D and 2D (traditional/ digital/ hybrid) animation for feature films, TV series and ads. Working with marquee clients in Europe and the US, we have built a reputation for on-time, high-quality projects and particularly for getting “tricky” ones back on track.


Our 2D pipeline is based on Toon Boom Harmony – traditional, paperless & tra-digital, and Adobe Flash. Our 3D pipeline is built around Autodesk Maya. We are also developing our own slate of film and TV concepts. The Snipple team is open to co-production projects, content development and conceptualization.

The Studio

Our home base of production is a hotpot of activities all aimed at giving back to our excellent team. We believe that a fun and relaxed atmosphere results in the best output and it shows! Our established free-flowing creativity is strongly supported by an efficient operations management.

We have invested our strong business foundation by building on 3 important pillars:


By building on having leaders in the industry, we have immediately set a standard of excellence that all artists yearn to reach. We have in our team the best of the best that the Philippine animation industry can offer, and more are knocking on our doors to be part of the best team in animation. In turn, we reward our team with a constant flow of non-animation related activities to relieve any pressure from the demands of work, while building camaraderie at the same time. We hold firmly on the belief that the most entertaining output comes from having a relaxed working environment.


Good talent is impressive by itself. But used with discipline, talent becomes transformative. At Snipple, we see processes as enablers. We stick to base pipelines designed to assure strict quality compliance at every stage but flexible enough to adapt to specific needs of individual projects. All these are done by our highly capable team to maximize efficiency at all points of production.

Technology / Infrastructure

A good team with great dynamics can only enhance its productivity when kept abreast of the latest technology. Snipple keeps up with demands by utilizing the latest animation production softwares tested well ahead of any client's needs, for any medium required. Trainings and refresher sessions are constantly scheduled for all incoming artists in order to acclimatize everyone working on any specific software. The flexibility of our base pipelines assure that all potential chokepoints are addressed before actual production commences.

Say hello! Together let us make that dream project a reality.